If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) within (30) days from receipt of the goods. Adherence to the postmark deadline is required or we will not be able to accept the return. 

Notify us by using our chat feature, or by emailing our Customer Support Team of your decision to make a return. The more details that you provide us regarding your request for a return, the better. This information not only helps us understand your problem in more detail but also helps us to correct issues going forward. 

We strive to ensure that the quality and integrity of our products and product details are aligned with the expectations of our customers. If the product or item that you purchased on our site did not meet your expectations for one reason or another, you can contact us to initiate a return by following the procedures below, by contacting the Luexco Customer Support Team by email, or through the live chat feature on the website home page

At a minimum, you will need to provide the following when requesting an RMA:

1.) Proof of purchase and your reason for the return,

2.) Your order#,

3.) Name and address that the order was placed under,

3.) Pictures of the product and/or packaging may also be required to validate the RMA. 


We will review and respond to your request for a return authorization within (17) business days.

Once your RMA request has been processed by our Customer Support Team, we will provide you with your RMA number and the address of our return facility. 

Return Grace Period

 Any items to be returned to our facility (upon being provided RMA#), must be post-marked for delivery to our warehouse no later than (7) days from the time that we issue an RMA to you!

We are not responsible for refunding any returns that are not post-marked by the end of the (7) day grace period. 

Important! Do not send any products to the return address present on your original delivery packaging! 

When returning a product to us, you are responsible for: 

A.) The cost of return postage of the product to our facility and in selecting the most economical, reasonable, and trackable method of transport that is available to you when you return a product or item to our facility,

B.) The care of the products while in your possession (from the time we have successfully delivered the items), and

C.) The safe arrival of the return package to our facility, ensuring that the return confirmation is contained inside the return package with the RMA# clearly noted on the outside of the return package. Our return facility is located in the USA, so your cost to return the items will largely vary depending on your location.

D.) Obtaining a copy of the return postage receipt and/or delivery confirmation from your carrier that includes a tracking number. You may be required to provide us with a copy of this information in order to approve your return (or refund) so please ensure the safekeeping of this information until your return and/or refund has been finalized. In the case of a damaged or faulty product return, this receipt will also be required for us to reimburse your portion of the return shipping costs, upon conclusion of our inspection of the faulty or damaged product return.

E.) You can only send us the product(s) for which we have provided you a return authorization number (RMA)!

F.) We will not be liable for any items that are sent to us by mistake.

G.) Any items that you return to us will be sent at your own risk and cost and you will also be agreeing to the separately posted Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

H.) Luexco may limit returns if we believe a customer may be abusing the return policy. 

        Reasonable Care: Products must be returned in their original condition. Luexco reserves the right to refuse returns of items that appear used, or have been worn, are not in good condition or are without tags. We may reduce any refund due to you to reflect any reduction in the value of the product due to how you have handled the product. We are not liable for any damage that may occur due to faulty packaging while it is in your possession and in transit to our facilities.

        All items eligible for return must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and with the original packaging and tags attached.

        Normal Wear and Tear/Negligence: We will not be liable for any flaw in the product that results from normal wear and tear, your failure to follow specific care instructions, willful damage, unusual storage, an accident, your negligence or the negligence of a third party, or any alterations or repairs that you or they have made.  


        •  Once we receive the returned products, we will inspect and assess the products and let you know within a reasonable time frame of our determination. We will normally process the refund within 30 days from the day we have confirmed to you that you would be entitled to a defective product refund. This would also include the refund of reasonable delivery charges that you incurred by returning the item to our return facility. Therefore, you are responsible for choosing the most economical, reasonable, and trackable transport method that is available to you.
        • If upon inspection, we determine that the goods are indeed faulty or damaged and that you are entitled to a full refund that would include your return shipping costs, please understand that we will only be entitled to refund no more than what we would be quoted for the most economical and trackable shipping method available in your region.
        • We will not be responsible in any case to refund your portion of the return shipping costs without proof and receipt of postage. Therefore, it is important that you hang onto this information until the return process has been finalized and your return has been approved post-inspection, of which, you will be notified. 


        If an order arrives to you faulty or damaged we will, at our discretion, either:

        a.) Deliver to you a replacement item that is identical to the one that was lost or damaged (subject to product availability and using the same shipping address and method) without incurring any additional shipping costs, and subject to the same terms and conditions as stated herein), or

        b.) Reimburse you for the purchase price and shipping costs paid at our discretion (notwithstanding your Right to Withdrawal if you are a resident of the UK or European Region ) see Right of Withdrawal in the Terms & Conditions here.)

        c.) Offer a discount to you to keep the item, provide or offer a repair of the item, or provide an exchange at our discretion to help to remedy the issue.  

        d.) We will only reimburse the portion of return delivery costs that do not exceed the most economical and traceable shipping method that would be available through our carriers in your country or region. 

        Note: Any claims arising from shortage, damage or missing pieces must be made to our Customer Support Team within fourteen (14) days after your receipt of the goods.

        Upon delivery, it is important when possible that you inspect the package for any damage, tampering or missing pieces prior to accepting the goods. If you received a product from us that you believe arrived to you defective or appears to be missing items, please do not accept the package and contact the Luexco customer support team immediately at:, or via our chat feature. Please provide your order number, a brief description of the issue, and any photos of the shipping label and product to provide evidence of the damage or missing items.

        Below we have provided just a few guidelines on what may, or may not be treated as "Faulty" or "Damaged" clothing and apparel items. While not intended to be an exhaustive list of what we consider damaged goods, it should serve to provide a few general guidelines.

        Examples of issues that would most likely constitute an item being deemed as damaged or defective (including but not limited to):

        • Ripped, Torn, Tattered or distressed materials whereby the product description did not indicate these attributes as being a part of the design or "character" of the product's overall aesthetic and wasn't a described or intentional element of the design.
        • Items that appear to have suffered abrasion or "scuffing", whereby the product description did not indicate these attributes as being a part of the design or character of the design or "character" of the product's overall aesthetic and wasn't a pre-described or intentional element of the product design.
        • Item has permanent stains whereby the normal course of washing would not remove. 
        • Items that arrived wet, damp, or with an unpleasant odor that cannot be removed from washing.
        • Ripped seams or excessive top-stitching defects.
        • Adornments or design elements, and items such as zippers, fasteners or buttons not properly affixed, sewn or attached and fell off during transport.

        Examples of issues that are not likely to be considered as damaged or defective (including but not limited to):

        • Ripped, Torn, Tattered or distressed effect, or design elements, when the product name or description clearly indicates an intentionally "worn" design element (or effect) as a part of the item's desired character (e.g. Item clearly states "ripped", "torn", "tattered" "Shredded", "open-knee", "slashed, slashed-knee. These descriptions are most commonly seen in trendy Jeans, Pants, Shirts, Coats, Jackets, etc. 
        • Non-Trimmed/Loose thread ends: While these are normally trimmed during the garment finishing phase, thread ends are occasionally present on new clothing and apparel items. While undesirable, these can easily, yet carefully be trimmed away with a pair of nail clips or pointed scissors. If you are not an adult, please have a parent or guardian help you with this, and do not pull on the thread as that can cause damage to the item.
        • While we do our best to avoid any loose or non-trimmed thread-ends from being present on the end-product and agree are undesirable, please understand this would not necessarily constitute an item being deemed as "damaged" by our product returns department; unless in an extreme case of which we would determine at our discretion. 
        • Plaid or striped design items whereby the design does not align perfectly at the seams.
        • Contrasted Stitching where contrasted stitching was noted in the product description.
        • Items with irregular shapes whereby the product title or description indicates "irregular" or "irregular Hem".
        • Items that are asymmetrical (un-even) by design (or within a 2-3 cm tolerance, depending on the amount of "give" of a particular material used in the construction of the item.
        • While we do our best to ensure that your product is neatly packaged and is amply supported for transport, items that arrive wrinkled would not be considered damaged or faulty. 

        Please Note Product descriptions that may include the word "vintage" or "vintage styled" refers only to a particular look or style and not a condition.

        We only sell brand-new items on our website! In the event that we should offer consignment or sales on used merchandise, this will be clearly stated in the product title and description as "used", or pre-owned and will contain a condition guide in the gallery.

        If you are a customer residing in the EU or UK, you have the Right to Withdrawal from this contract within (14) days from the time you place your order (without reason).

        Please see "Right to Withdrawal" in our Terms of Purchase.  

        Buyer's remorse and size-related returns will incur a 25% deduction from the total amount of the refund that will be issued in the form of a Luexco Gift Card.
        • Items marked as "Final Sale", "As-Is" and Clearance items,
        • Items that we provided to you of no cost (free or give-away items),
        • Returns or exchanges are not eligible to receive price adjustments.  

        The following items cannot be returned for health reasons: Swimsuits, Bikini, Bodysuits, lingerie, underwear, jewelry, beauty products, underwear, Event & Party Supplies, DIY Supplies, Pet Supplies, Accessories, or cosmetics if the hygiene seal has been broken.
        We do not offer Exchanges at this time. However, if it is within our ability we may present you with the option of exchange at our sole discretion, should you not be happy with your purchase or if it arrives to you damaged.
        We make every effort to ensure your products are shipped for your enjoyment as quickly as possible. Therefore, the time frame for canceling your order before it has been dispatched to our delivery agent is very short. As such, we cannot guarantee our ability to stop the product from shipping once the order has been placed and paid for. In this case, you would simply follow the return policy for the item.

        We will refund any money received from you to the same method of payment that you originally used to pay for your purchase for any items that arrive damaged or faulty. 

        How long will it take to process my refund?

        • Once the product has been received and inspected by our return facility, your refund will be reviewed and processed at that point. This process can take up to 7 business days.

          We strive to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we request that you please contact us before leaving neutral or unfavorable feedback, so that we can attempt to remedy the issue.   

          We constantly strive to reduce unnecessary waste and the environmental impact of our business processes and supply chain by using recycled paper products (where possible) in our packaging and branding elements (hang tags, cards, etc.). 

          Please help us on our mission to help the planet by reducing global waste and environmental impact! Learn more here.

          Helping Our Planet


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