Learn more on how you can help Luexco reduce unnecessary waste for a better planet.

Did you know?

Product returns account for as much as 5 billion tons of landfill waste each year while expelling unnecessary carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. 

What we are doing about it!

We are constantly striving to find more "green" solutions in not only reducing unnecessary waste output but also through seeking more "Green" alternatives with our packaging and branding elements. We use biodegradable and recycled paper products (with our hang tags, cards, etc.) in an effort to help reduce and minimize any unnecessary impact on the environment, landfills, and carbon emissions. 

Please help us contribute to a better planet by reducing global waste and environmental impact wherever possible.

Here are a just few tips to prevent the unnecessary return of goods.

Please pay close attention to the product size guide we provide in the product photo gallery, and take the time to assess your current body measurements (alongside the product size guide included in the product photo gallery) before making your purchase. If you need help taking measurements, please see our guide on "How to Measure". It may help to have a friend help with this process.
    What if I am between Sizes? A general rule of thumb, if you are in between sizes, is to size up!
      You should also avoid ordering a size that is based on what you assume should fit (I.e. purchasing a large simply because a large from another brand "normally" fits). Keep in mind that our body dimensions can fluctuate, as well as how a manufacturer assigns sizes to a garment or product. This is why it is so important to take your body measurements before making a purchase.
      Simply put, because a size of a particular garment purchased from one brand fits you perfectly, that doesn't mean the same-sized garment purchased from us will fit the same.

        An alternative to returning a product of a nominal amount, when it is not faulty or damaged is to simply consider gifting the item to friends or family. Should you need to make a return for a product or item that you purchased from us, please read here on how to go about it. Terms and Conditions apply.

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